The Sanyasi-Aesthetic

The Sanyasi-Aesthetic is devoted to the photographic works of Jack B. Siegel. It includes galleries of Jack's work.

Four Areas of Inquiry

First, how does the age of a decades-old photograph affect our assessment of its worth as a photograph? In other words, does a photograph get better with age because it provides us tangible evidence of styles and conventions that are no longer evident in our day to day activities? Answer: Indeterminate. Can we separate technique and composition from content? Answer: No.

Second, when a photographer takes a photograph on the fly, he sees a scene that he believes will be of continuing interest to himself and others. The people, stage, composition, and lighting all attract his attention. The truly great photographs produced by these experiences often contain details that the photographer never noticed as he released the shutter. If the photographer didn't notice that detail, can he take credit for it in the final photograph? Answer: Yes. Follow-up question: Should he? Answer: Yes.

Third, the late Cy Twombly, when asked about his art, said "[Painting] is more like having an experience than making a picture." Does that describe the act of photographic image capture? Answer: Yes, the photographer is in the moment.

Fourth, why do some photographers have a bias toward black and white, as opposed to color photographs? Is it because black and white removes a distraction (the color) from the image? Sometimes. Or is it because black and white is slightly more forgiving when there is too much digital noise or the focal point is slightly off? Sometimes.

"When I am shooting a film I never think of how I want to shoot something; I simply shoot it."
(Michelangelo Antonioni)

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